Distribution of Disability welfare measures on 08.07.023

On July 8, 2023, the TNDFCT provided wheelchairs to ten disabled beneficiaries at a cost of Rs. 7,500 each, electronic walking sticks to fifteen visually impaired beneficiaries at a cost of Rs. 5,000 each, crutches to eight beneficiaries, and a commercial sewing machine to a disabled woman at a cost of Rs. 25,000 for the support of her livelihood. We appreciate the donations from Mr. Varman and his friends for this stuff.

Marriage for two disabled couples

On June 5, 2023, in Agatheeswarar Swamy Thirukovil, Tndfct organised and conducted marriages for two disabled couples with the support of Mr. Sivaprakasam and his family and friends.  Each couple received seervarisai, which included a cot, cupboard, mattresses, grinder, mixie, and other 56 items for a total of Rs. 1,50,000.The temple’s administration gave 4 grammes of gold for mangalsutras as well as silk sarees and dhotis as part of the programme to help disabled people get married.


TNDFCT Distributed scholarship to 10 disabled students on the  occasion of Bhashyam memorial day. The scholarship issued by Ms. Geetha from Bhashyam Family.

Marriage for Two Disabled Couple

TNDFCT organised and conducted two disabled couples’ marriages with the support of Mr.V. K. Varman and his friends on April 27, 2023, at Arulmigu Kurunkaleeswarar Kovil Thirumana Manadapam, Koyempedu, Chennai. On this auspicious occasion, Hon’ble Minister Mr. P.K. Sekarbabu, Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department, launched the new government scheme to provide 4…
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TNDFCT with the support of Mr.Varman and his friends, distributed wheelchairs and crutches to 4 disabled  beneficiaries at the total cost of Rs.30,000/-  


NDFCT with the support of the Shree Saritha Jain Foundation distributed scholarships to 213 disabled students and students of Disabled parents. The total value of scholarships distributed for the value 13 lakhs . list of beneficiaries as in the annexure   T


Federation of Tamilnadu Differently Abled Association (FEDA) State office bearer election held on 25.09.2022. General body members and executive members elected their State officer bearers by voting more than 300 members have participated and election cast their votes. Dr.P.Simmachandran, Prof.Dr.D.Ponnusamy and Mr.T.Karuppaiah, unanimously elected as State President, State General Secretary and Secretary respectively. Mr.M.G.Rakul elected…
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மாற்றுத்திறனாளிகளுக்கான சுயம்வர நிகழ்ச்சி

விருதுநகரில் மாற்றுத்திறனாளிகளுக்கான சுயம்வர நிகழ்ச்சி நடந்தது. இந்த நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு கலெக்டர் தலைமை தாங்கினார். click here https://www.maalaimalar.com/news/district/viruthunagar-news-swayamvara-program-for-the-differently-abled-490757