TNDFCT provide Educational Support to the disabled children and children of disabled people every year. Scholarship for studying LKG to Master Degree is being given with support Shree Sarita Jain Foundation. Atleaset 500 to 600 disabled children’s are benefitted for ever year.

Based on the principle of "Inclusive education and Education for all we are making the best efforts to educate the Disabled children, however badly affected they are. With the help of member associations, the trsut supports the education of many Disabled children and also the children of Disabled in getting the right education. With the help of many philanthropist organizations and individuals, we are supporting 248 children this year by providing them with school/ college fees, books, note books, bagfs and transport facilities. Till this year, about 4250 students have been benefited by this services.

Also conducting special camps to guide the disabled with appropriate counselling on education and to obtain concessions as applicable.