Distribution of Disability welfare measures on 08.07.023

On July 8, 2023, the TNDFCT provided wheelchairs to ten disabled beneficiaries at a cost of Rs. 7,500 each, electronic walking sticks to fifteen visually impaired beneficiaries at a cost of Rs. 5,000 each, crutches to eight beneficiaries, and a commercial sewing machine to a disabled woman at a cost of Rs. 25,000 for the support of her livelihood. We appreciate the donations from Mr. Varman and his friends for this stuff.

Matruthiran Magalir Munnetram (3M)

Matruthiran Magalir Munnetraam a livelihood support project for empowering women with Disabilities. under this project 5 no’s Commercial Grinder worth of Rs. 50,000 each distributed to 5 Disabled women with support RI district 3232.  


On the occasion of World Disability Day on December3, the TNDFCT and Rotary International District 3232 launched the MAATRUTHIRAN MAKALIR MUNNETRAM (3M) project, a project for enabling the disabled. Two beneficiaries received commercial wet grinders worth Rs. 50,000 each in order to start a small business selling idly and dosa mavu.


Maatrum Thiran

Maatrum Thiran 22 May, 2021

Maatrum Thiran 7th Phase

Maatrum Thiran 7th Phase

Maatrum Thiran 7th Phase 13 Apr, 2021